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October 20, 2023 at 1:07:57 PM


The School


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The School: A Hub of Creative Exploration and Artistic Exchange

Nestled in Kinderhook, NY, The School stands as a testament to art's boundless possibilities. Established in 2013 within the confines of a former high school, it has become a 30,000-square-foot sanctuary for groundbreaking art exhibitions. The mission is clear: to illuminate artists, both within and outside the realm of Jack Shainman Gallery's portfolio, by showcasing ambitious and large-scale displays.

The School is no ordinary gallery. Its curatorial philosophy is steeped in the spirit of creative exploration and cultural dialogue. It opens doors to explore the entire spectrum of an artist's journey, allowing visitors to delve deep into individual careers or witness the unexpected connections that emerge when artists from various disciplines, media, regions, and eras converge.

The journey began in 2014 with the inaugural exhibition—an immersive survey of sculptor and performance artist Nick Cave. Nearly fifty new and recent works, including his acclaimed Soundsuits, filled the space. From there, The School continued to foster singular artistic voices. El Anatsui, fresh from receiving the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, was celebrated with a five-decade retrospective in 2015. And most recently, an exhibition delved into the artistic realms of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, exploring their profound influence.

But The School is also a stage for collective narratives, featuring group exhibitions that unite artists like Nina Chanel Abney, Kerry James Marshall, Laurie Simmons, and many more. These gatherings reflect the crossroads of artistic expression and cultural impact.

The School's story goes beyond its artistic endeavors; it's etched into its very walls. This historic building, initiated in 1929 and dedicated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1931, has undergone a metamorphosis, courtesy of Spanish architect Antonio Torrecillas (1962-2015). He masterfully preserved its original colonial Dutch details while converting it into the cultural beacon it is today. Set upon five acres of land, The School doesn't confine art within its walls; it extends outdoors, where sculptures and installations invite contemplation year-round.




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