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October 24, 2023 at 8:06:38 PM


Louise Damas


Jewelry Brand


Luxury Industry


France, Paris

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Louise Damas: Crafting Elegance and Feminism in Timeless Jewelry

The story of Louise Damas is an enchanting narrative that intertwines the realms of creativity, passion, and feminism, shaping the vibrant world of her timeless jewelry. It all commenced during her days as a French Language and Literature major when the delicate art of sculpture reintroduced her to a profound love for craftsmanship. However, it was from these sculptural endeavors that a newfound desire emerged—a desire to craft her own jewelry, jewelry that resonated with her ever-evolving desires.

From Imagination to Creation:

Seated on the floor of her Parisian apartment, a place she still cherishes today, Louise breathed life into her artistic visions. Armed with a pair of pliers, glistening pearls, delicate chains, and the soundtrack of an audiobook in her ears, she began her creative odyssey. Her apartment transformed into an enchanting workshop, and the transition from crafting for personal pleasure to becoming an artisan was underway. 

Pioneering Journey:

From the humble beginnings of selling her creations at designer markets, Louise quickly embraced the digital era. The inception of an Instagram account and a dedicated website opened doors to a burgeoning clientele, and her artistic passion demanded her full attention. A life-altering decision loomed on the horizon: would she choose the security of her academic studies or plunge into the immersive world of creation?

The Birth of Louise Damas:

With unwavering conviction that the impossible could be conquered, Louise embarked on a self-taught journey to establish her jewelry brand in 2012. The inaugural chapter of Louise Damas was written, and it was a tale that would be penned with courage, creativity, and relentless dedication.

Inspirations of a Modern Artisan:

Louise's muse can be found in the world around her—an absorbing read on a bustling café terrace, the vintage elegance of a cufflink, the timeless allure of ancient blue borrowed from a toile de Jouy, the intricate details of an artwork, and the embodiment of strength in the women she encounters. Her initial creations, guided by the heroines of literature, have blossomed into a versatile collection that encourages every woman to script her own narrative.

The Craft of Creation:

Louise Damas is not just a brand; it's the embodiment of a persevering artist who honed her skills by learning from professionals and craftsmen. The fine art of setting, welding, and working with metals became second nature, courtesy of the guidance and mentorship of these artisans. Today, bolstered by a dedicated team of craftsmen, she brings her collections to life, all the while adhering to her values of sustainability and human connection.

Passage Doré: A Shared Vision:

A serendipitous meeting with Claire, the radiant creator of the leather goods brand Fauvette Paris, led to the creation of Passage Doré in 2015. This unique space encapsulates their artistic synergy, serving as a workshop and boutique where curious minds can witness the birth of their creations. Passage Doré isn't just a concept-store; it's a glimpse into the intertwined creative souls of these two artisans who curate their distinctive works and discoveries in a harmonious universe.

Louise Damas - More then Jewelry:

More than jewelry, Louise Damas embodies an enduring style suffused with diverse inspirations and an unwavering feminist spirit. These are not mere adornments but everyday essentials that celebrate the unique essence of every wearer. And who can forget Louise's "little obsession"—the signature hoop earrings, gracefully dancing with each step, igniting the spirit of every journey.

Louise Damas' jewelry doesn't merely adorn; it tells stories—stories of the women who wear them and, in concert, the stories yet to be written.




Address: 27 rue Bleue - 75009 Paris, France.



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