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The UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) with chapters in Zurich Switzerland, New York City and Monaco, unites an exceptional community and network of accredited professionals worldwide working within the Film & TV, Fashion, Entertainment, and Art Industry. We now represent members in over 25 countries.

Since 2017 the UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) remains as the first organization who assigns Accreditation in 5 major areas of the creative industry. Founded by a panel of industry experts the UNOFEX  has accredited and nominated hundreds of members including award winning talent, leaders and global operating corporations. 

UNOFEX is also the organizer and publisher of the UNOFEX International Awards and the UNOFEX Swiss Film Awards which promotes and honors excellence in filmmaking in the most demanding categories.

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Empowering Careers: UNOFEX is focused in accrediting, promoting and connecting outstanding professionals through our invitation-only membership program. Our platform is used for researches by a global community of industry professionals, brands, press representatives and market researchers from countries all over the world. It offers an ideal interface to showcase and to be found by fellow members or the general public.


Accreditation: Creative Professionals, Corporations and Institutions in the film & TV, fashion, art and entertainment industry are increasingly seeking both national and globally recognized international accreditations. The UNOFEX Accreditation has become an important and independent ‘mark of quality’ by international professionals and institutions. Our members are allowed to use the UNOFEX accreditation badges.

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Events: Creating powerful events (digitally or physically) and experiences at prestigious venues with the aim to honor, promote and connect the communities.

UNOFEX | Our Goals


Our goals are simple, but represent the heart and soul of the companies efforts: to positively impact the lives of people, industry members and our society at large.


Among our members are accredited professionals, designers, artists, actors, film directors, producers, investors, award winning talent, entrepreneurs, attorneys, models and much more to discover. How to join the UNOFEX and more information about the Roles and Requirements can be found at the Membership Information Centre,



It is our desire to preserve an exemplary ethic. Our members consider the preservation of art as character values of solidarity, peace and benevolence as an essential element to ensure the long-term cohesion of our community, as well as the criterion of moral action. The understanding and application of ethical intentions contribute to the vision of positively shaping the social, cultural and economic aspects of our society through our actions.
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