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Certification, Accreditation and institutional review have become integral to quality assurance processes in every industry. In the globally competitive higher environment, the importance of institutional self-review, peer review by experts in the field, benchmarking, and best practice have never been more important.

Since 2017 the UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) remains as the first organization who assigns Certification Badges in 5 major areas of the creative industry. Founded by a panel of industry experts the UNOFEX  has accredited hundreds of professionals including award winning talent, leaders and global operating corporations in the field of:

  • Fashion

  • Film

  • TV

  • Art and

  • Entertainment

Creative Professionals, Corporations and Institutions in the film & TV, fashion, art and entertainment industry are increasingly seeking both national and globally recognized international certification. The UNOFEX-Certification has become an accepted and important process to undertake in the globalized world and is also widely regarded as an independent ‘mark of quality’ by prospective, international professionals and institutions.

There are two (2) UNOFEX Membership categories:

  1. Individual Industry Members of the UNOFEX (certified members)

  2. Corporate and Institutional Members of the UNOFEX


Creative professionals seeking certification in their field of film & TV, fashion, art and entertainment must meet the standards in order to join the UNOFEX as a certified industry member.

The process involves two stages: Pre-Accreditation and Full Accreditation.


The first step in the Pre-Certification process is the completion of the membership application form, which will be evaluated by the UNOFEX Committee Team. If the applicant meets the standards and membership criteria, they will be invited to become a Full Member in the first instance.

In the event that the applicant does not, or does not yet, meet the criteria and standards, they may be invited to apply as a Candidate of the UNOFEX, where they will be supported by UNOFEX to achieve Full Membership within three (3) years.


Full Certification

Full Certification involves the completion of the UNOFEX Full Accreditation Application which is listed at the Members Area of the UNOFEX website. It is, a self-review document with a focus on the career of the member with sources addressing former works, biography, portfolio, successes, awards and more. It will then be reviewed by an editor and a member of the assessment panel to meet the standards of the Union of Excellence.

A) Please note: In special cases, the editor may conduct a site audit, visiting the facility, studio, showroom, office, theater, gallery or other facility of the applicant or may request a personal meeting to verify the claims made in the Certification Application. The auditors will prepare and deliver a Full Site Audit Report to the applicant for comments upon completion.

With the approval of one of the UNOFEX Editors and chair committee members, the applicant will then become a Full Member of the UNOFEX and listed as an certified industry professional in their field of application. The Member is also verified to use the UNOFEX Membership Badge for the respective industry and is allowed to use the statement “Accredited Member of the UNOFEX” in all communications. Once approved as a Full Member, the member may be eligible to nominate Affiliate Members from within the same industry, subject to the relevant criteria being met and is allowed to vote in their respective field as a proven expert at the Union of Excellence Awards.

Please visit Membership Application for more detailed information.

Membership Application >

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UNOFEX Film Industry Certification


The UNOFEX Certificate of Accreditation is a protected document and certifies that the member is a duly accredited UNOFEX member, verified under our Standards of Excellence, in accordance with it’s implementing rules and regulations.




Our Standards of Excellence are reviewed regularly in keeping with global certification and accreditation standards. Meeting the criteria of the UNOFEX Standards of Excellence should be considered as a minimum for a UNOFEX membership and unfortunately does not guarantee a successful application. The Panel of Experts and Committee may also accept applicants who do not meet the criteria below but demonstrate credits of particular interest, innovation or achievement, or a particularly promising career trajectory. Successful applicants fulfill at least the following UNOFEX Standards of Excellence:

  • At least 3 significant publications, distributions or works in your respective industry

  • currently working and active as a professional

  • At least 3 years of professional experiences 

  • Not necessary but supportive: have won Awards or been nominated by a national or international Award Show

  • significant overall creative contribution to the Film, TV, Fashion, Entertainment or Art Industry

  • Not necessary but supportive: Have been recommended by fellow member or a committee member of the UNOFEX 

  • You show verifiable Community engagement & Social Responsibility


Unlike traditional certification institutions, recognizing and assuring excellence is only part of the service that UNOFEX offers its members. While UNOFEX aims to assure institutional quality through our accreditation and membership program, it is also committed to promoting and developing excellence and to bring the best to public attention.

THE UNOFEX is committed to benchmarking and the promotion of quality assurance in film & TV, fashion art and entertainment, as well as to delivering value for both individual and institutional members through the following strategic activities:

  • Hosting of knowledge-sharing platforms for industry professionals to address current trends, issues and challenges confronting the sectors, including annual signature events like the UNOFEX International Panel of Experts Forum and Roundtable Workshop Series.

  • Recognizing outstanding contributors to the fields of film & TV, fashion, art and entertainment through the UNOFEX Awards

Standard of Excellence



The UNOFEX Certificate is recognized as a quality certificate mark and is a credential document that recognize and validate one’s knowledge, expertise or the quality background of a service. Furthermore, the UNOFEX certificate support individuals to qualify with projects jobs or employers they want to work for and supports to showcase the abilities under the highest industry standards. 

The foremost entry among benefits of a certification refers to employment and project prospects. A certification can help you achieve an advantage when project stakeholders, business partners or employers take a look at your resume and references. Whether if you are a producer, model, author, artist, actor, illustrator, or attorney, nowadays competition for almost any job or project in the Film, TV , Entertainment, Fashion and Art industry is very substantial and shows that you have greater abilities than others.




✓ CV and Application (Projects, Jobs or Employer)

✓ Website and References

✓ Media and Social Media

✓ Press and Marketing Material

✓ Certificate Collections

Being accredit for the UNOFEX Certification will provide you the legal rights to use the citation "Certified by UNOFEX" or "Certified by Union of Excellence" and "UNOFEX Member"


✓ International Quality Mark

✓Advancement in your career

✓ Establishing professional credibility

✓ Productivity and competitive advantage for organizations

✓ Staying relevant to the existing professional landscape

✓ Showcasing uniqueness and responsibility

✓ Driving personal development

The UNOFEX Certification has become an accepted and widely regarded independent ‘mark of quality’ by prospective, international professionals and institutions.

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