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This online form is intended for Press Accreditation Request for Union of Excellence Events

  • You will be notified of your accreditation status by e-mail along with the most current UnofEx information.

  • There is no fee for press accreditation.

  • Accreditation approval allows the press pass holder access to upcoming Union of Excellence events

  • Passes are non-transferable and admit only the authorized bearer.

  • Please note we only accept request from media organizations with at least 100.000 reader.

For media partnership please submit a partnership Request to



Q. Who can apply for Press Accreditation to cover Union of Excellence Events?
A. Individuals who either work or freelance for media organizations who covers the sector: luxury, fashion, society or entertainment with at least an audience of 100.000 viewers or readers can apply.

This includes photographers, videographers, editors and bloggers. Preference is given to members of the press who regularly cover similar luxury events or award shows and can show tear sheets of their work. 

Q. Is there an application fee?
A. No.

Q.What are the dates for the next event?
A. Please visit our event page here: Events

Q. If I submit an application, will I be on the press list?
A. All applications are reviewed and if approved, we will email you a press pass.  Please note, the application is not a press pass. Only individuals with press passes will be on the press list.

Q. Are press passes valid for all shows and Union of Excellence events?
A. No, press passes are valid for access to cover Union of Excellence events where press access is generally allowed. They are not valid for free access to private members parties or other private held occasions organized by UnofEx LLC (Union of Excellence). 

Q. How many people can be accredited from each press organization?
A. Maximum 4. Each person must submit an application.

Q. Do you cover travel expenses for members of the press?
A. We do not cover travel expenses for members of the press.

Q. When can I expect to receive my press pass?
A. Press passes are emailed starting 30 days before the event.

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