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The word “UnofEx” and "Union of Excellence" is one of the trademarks applied by the UnofEx LLC.
In this article, it is referred to as "a UnofEx trademark". We would like to extend fair usage of our trademark as widely as possible, so we have created the following guidelines to help people understand what is (and is not) allowed. 

>Permission for Use
>Automatic Approval
>Automatic Restriction
>Applying for Permission
>Usage Rules
>Using the Trademarks for an Event



Permission for Use

Written permission from the UnofEx LLC is required to use any of the UnofEx trademarks, logos, cards, merchandise items licensed by UnofEx or membership and accreditation badges as any part of your project or associated assets. Please contact us at if you would like to enquire about permission for use.

The purpose of a trademark is not to prevent anyone else in the world from using it, it is to prevent confusion amongst consumers as to which brand is the "official" one. Our primary criteria for the approval or denial of trademark usage requests is whether or not people might confuse it for an official "UnofEx" or "Union of Excellence" community, member, committee, project or event.

Automatic Approval

In some special cases, we will grant automatic permission for a to use UnofEx Trademark. Explicit permission to use the trademark is not required when it meets the following criteria:

1) Exclusively Promoting the UnofEx Community
You use a UnofEx trademark exclusively to extend or improve the UnofEx Community, or to encourage relevant groups and people to become a UnofEx member (in short: to promote the UnofEx community).

1.1) Members of the UnofEx are has the automatic approval to use the UnofEx Trademark and respective membership badges as part of their professional community.
The usage of the trademark is allowed in social media, website and print (business cards or business letters only). For the use in further print sources like magazines, newspaper and any kind of physical promotional items, please contact us to request a permission of use.

Automatic Approval: Member of the Union of Excellence since 2017
Automatic Approval: Fashion Industry Member of the Union of Excellence
Automatic Approval: Accredited Member of the Union of Excellence
or similar.

Not Allowed: Committee Member of the Union of Excellence, Team Member of the Union of Excellence, Partner of the Union of Excellence,
Not Allowed: Selling t-shirts or similar items with the UnofEx Trademark logos to raise money for any cause.


2) Without Giving the Appearance of Being Official
Any use of the UnofEx trademarks in a domain name, title of a website, seminar, event, book, blog or video that is exclusively intended to promote the UnofEx community and does not give the appearance of being an official UnofEx publication.

Automatic Approval: A keynote called "Getting Started with Union of Excellence"
Automatic Approval: A keynote called "How to become a Union of Excellence Member" and similar.

Requires Permission: A book titled "The Official UnofEx Guide"
Requires Permission: A commercial website called "" "" and similar.


3) For a Group or Meetup
All UnofEx trademarks can be used in the title of a group, networking event, or meetup, but not in combination with the words: conference, conf, convention, gala, fair, or association.

Allowed: Union of Excellence Meetup Paris 2020, Union of Excellence Film Networking NY or similar. Before organising events with.

Not Allowed: Union of Excellence Gala Dinner Monaco, UnofEx Conf Paris or similar

4) Unmodified Use on Product Packaging (Corporate Member)
When you display the official Union of Excellence logo (whether for commercial or non-commercial use) in a standalone and unaltered form.
Allowed: Putting the UnofEx logo on your product packaging with the following words
"Verified by Union of Excellence"
"Member of the Union of Excellence"

Not Allowed: Changing the colors or shape of the UnofEx logo for your own purposes.
Not Allowed: Putting the UnofEx logo on your product packaging without referring to the or website.

5) When Describing Your Profile, References and Services
When you use a UnofEx trademarks to describe your professional profile or services that are in official association with the UnofEx community and verify your membership.

Allowed: Describing your services and references by referring to the Union of Excellence as a verified or accredited member.

Not Allowed: Referring to yourself as a UnofEx Employee, Partner or Voting or Management Member.


Automatic Restriction

Some specific cases will always require explicit permission from the UnofEx LLC to use a UnofEx trademark. Even if you meet the criteria for automatic approval, you must always seek permission for trademark use if your project meets any of the following criteria:

1) Implying an Official Connection
The use of the UnofEx trademarks implies an official link between your product or service and the UnofEx LLC. For example:

A domain called
A website titled Union of Excellence Members support
A company called Union of Excellence Club

2) As a Top-Level Domain Name
When any Union of Excellence trademark as a top level domain name (i.e. [trademark].tld). For example:
The domain name, or any other word combination reffering with the UnofEx trademarks.

3) In a Broadly Defined Domain Name
When any UnofEx trademark is used as part of a domain name that covers an entire category of products or services that are relevant to the UnofEx community. For example:
or similar.

Applying for Permission
If you would like to apply for permission to use a UnofEx trademark based on the guidelines above, please send us an email with the Reference "Trademarks usage Permit" including full contact details and the details of your requested use.
Your application's approval will primarily be considered based on these criteria:

Does it suggest an official link or could be confused as an official project?
Does it promote the use of the Union of Excellence Community?
Is it released under a (news) source which is compatible with the UnofEx Community?
Is it created by significant contributors , members to the UnofEx Community?
Will it have a positive impact on the UnofEx community in general?


Usage Rules

With the exception of the nominative fair use of a UnofEx trademark, your use of the trademark is subject to the following rules (regardless of whether you received automatic or explicit permission for use):

  • Any use of a UnofEx trademark implies acceptance of this policy.

  • A UnofEx trademark cannot be used for illegal, defamatory, or humiliating purposes, or any other purpose that may negatively impact the UnofEx Community.

  • Wherever possible, a UnofEx trademark should be accompanied by the following text (or an appropriate translation): “Union of Excellence and its logo are trademarks of the UnofEx LLC”

These trademark rules and guidelines are subject to change at any time. It is your responsibility to periodically check this agreement for changes.

Using the Trademarks for an Event

Are you planning a UnofEx-related event as a corporate or individual member? You have the full support of the UnofEx LLC. Please note the following conditions:

You agree to follow these trademark guidelines and communicate the event to the UnofEx LLC.

  • All of the above guidelines for company names, domains, links, and other identifiers, also apply to events.

  • The organizer must be a member of the UnofEx Community.

  • The event must be a public event relevant to the industry where the member is active as a professional or leader.

  • We also ask that you consider donating a percentage of the event's total revenue to the UnofEx LLC. This donation will support the UnofEx Community.

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Permission for Use
Automatic Approval
Usage Rules
Event Usage



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