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October 20, 2023 at 1:07:51 PM


David Zwirner


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David Zwirner: A Global Hub for Contemporary Art

David Zwirner stands as a renowned contemporary art gallery with a worldwide presence. Spanning across major art capitals, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Hong Kong, the gallery has become a symbol of innovation, individuality, and trailblazing exhibitions, boasting an extensive roster of more than seventy artists and estates. 

Operating in both primary and secondary art markets, David Zwirner has been instrumental in nurturing the careers of influential contemporary artists, offering unwavering representation to a diverse group of talents from across the globe.

The David Zwirner journey commenced in 1993 when the eponymous gallery opened its doors on Greene Street in New York's vibrant SoHo district. In 2002, the gallery transitioned to the dynamic art hub of West 19th Street in Chelsea. In 2012, a new chapter unfolded with the establishment of a five-story exhibition and project space on West 20th Street in New York, marking two decades of artistic endeavors.

In 2017, the Upper East Side of Manhattan saw the birth of a David Zwirner gallery. Simultaneously, David Zwirner Online, the gallery's online viewing room, was introduced to expand the horizons of art accessibility. The foray into Asia came in 2018 with the opening of the first gallery in Hong Kong. Paris experienced the influence of David Zwirner's artistry in 2019 when the gallery made its debut in the city of lights.

The year 2021 ushered in the birth of '52 Walker,' a gallery space in New York led by senior director Ebony L. Haynes, offering a dynamic and diversified art program. Fast-forward to 2023, and the gallery's evolution continues with the inauguration of its first gallery spaces in Los Angeles.

In addition to its impressive gallery network, David Zwirner extends its artistic footprint through a multitude of content avenues. David Zwirner Online presents a digital platform for art enthusiasts. The gallery's publishing arm, David Zwirner Books, was founded in 2014, contributing to the realm of art literature. 

The podcast 'Dialogues,' which debuted its first season in 2018, serves as a thought-provoking avenue for art discussions. The gallery's fine art print publisher, Utopia Editions, was unveiled in the fall of 2021.

Notably, 2021 marked the birth of 'Platform,' a stand-alone entity that enriches the art landscape. This online destination revolutionizes art acquisition by offering a space to purchase works from today's most coveted artists, marking a significant stride in David Zwirner's commitment to art accessibility and innovation.





525 W 19th St, 

New York, NY 10011, USA



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