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October 24, 2023 at 7:29:26 PM


Angelo Accardi




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Angelo Accardi: Bridging Centuries with Surreal Artistry

Angelo Accardi is a visionary Italian artist who navigates the intricate landscapes of human existence with a brush in hand. His art captures surreal snapshots of everyday life set against the vivid backdrops of urban reality. Each of his pieces unfolds like a visual story, an artistic journey into the psyche of man and his evolving relationship with the spaces he inhabits.

A Tale of Two Worlds:

Born in a quaint southern Italian town, Angelo Accardi's artistic journey was steeped in a rich cultural tapestry. He drew inspiration from the classical heritage of traditional Italian art and fused it with the contemporary interpretations of classical themes. The conviction that he was destined to be an artist led him to the hallowed halls of the Art Academy of Naples. 

Established in 1752 by King Charles II, this venerable institution is one of Italy's oldest and most esteemed art schools. It was here that Accardi honed his craft, acquiring the skills and knowledge that would serve as the bedrock for his artistic odyssey.

The Evolution of Artistic Vision:

Accardi's quest for new artistic horizons prompted him to establish his private studio in the early '90s, near his childhood home. It was within this sacred creative space that he embarked on a personal journey of artistic exploration, a quest he passionately pursues to this day. His artistic philosophy revolves around an unwavering focus on figures, both human and animated, and the environments they inhabit. 

What sets Accardi apart is his masterful incorporation of iconic artworks from different eras, spanning from ancient Roman sculptures to contemporary pieces from this decade. Through this delightful homage to past and present artists, he invites the audience to forge connections between themselves and the art while fostering relationships among the characters within his work. The result is an artistic dialogue that transcends centuries, laden with playfulness, irony, and profound relevance.

A Global Artistic Odyssey:

Angelo Accardi's artistic voyage has transcended borders, and his works grace the walls of esteemed galleries worldwide. In 2017, Eden Fine Art Gallery recognized his unique talent, welcoming him into their fold as a prominent contemporary artist. Since then, Accardi has embarked on exclusive solo exhibitions in illustrious locations such as London and Mykonos, solidifying his global presence as a distinguished artist. To this day, he resides and creates in Italy, employing his unique, whimsical perspective to continue enriching the contemporary art landscape.

Angelo Accardi's art is more than a visual spectacle; it's a bridge that unites the past and present, inviting us to ponder the ever-evolving narrative of humanity and its intimate connection with the spaces we inhabit.




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