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Union of Excellence


Dear, UNOFEX Friends, Members and loyal Partners,


It is amazing to see how our network and activities have grown over the years.

You and the entire UNOFEX team did an amazing job of building an organization from a simple vision of a small private network back in 2017, which today represents members and customers from 25 countries. My heartfelt thanks to all who are part of this history. Our network now has 2,500 contacts and more than 1,000 registered participants from the film, fashion, luxury, art and entertainment industries.


Major growth spurt through the UNOFEX Awards

We owe a major growth spurt in newcomers thanks to our UNOFEX Awards, which we initiated in March 2020. With the first edition of the UNOFEX Film Awards, we curated and rated over 600 movies. Now we move into the 3rd edition of the UNOFEX Awards. These achievements have pushed us to continue even during a global crisis and immense challenges, even though the meaningful physical events around the world, were no longer taking place. Many members rightly asked us, "When will events take place again, should I continue to be a member despite the circumstances?"

We answered many questions and thanks to your feedback, we have strengthened ourselves in the pandemic and redirected our focus, especially to digital events, certification, awards, and PR support.


Today 2022, 5 years after UNOFEX was founded, we are stronger than ever and we are still one of the few independent and privately run organizations in the world thanks to you.


Introduction of private messaging and group networking.

Finally the time has come, at the beginning of this week we relaunched and redesigned the members area after a long testing period. Private and encrypted messaging between members has now been introduced. Also, we have set up online networking groups where stakeholders for art, film, fashion can exchange ideas with each other.


Therefore, if you have not yet registered with UNOFEX Online, we ask you to do so now in order to gain access to the online network and the new functions. You can log in via the Members Area or here: Members First Login.

Signature Valdes.png

On behalf of the entire UNOFEX organization, I wish you every success, health and the best of luck for this year.


Sincerely yours,

Deivis H. Valdes

UNOFEX Director

Deivis H. Valdes - UNOFEX Director.jpg

Switzerland, 28 Jan 2022

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