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UNOFEX Film Awards 2020
Film Awards
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Opening Date - 27 April, 2020 / 

Submission Deadline - 20 July 2020

The Union of Excellence International Film Awards (UNOFEX Awards 2020) is a semi annual, online film competition recognizing excellence in filmmaking worldwide.

As an organization and network, the UNOFEX unites an exceptional community of accredited and award winning professionals worldwide working within the film & TV, Art and Entertainment industry. Over the years we have accredited hundreds of members who achieved our UNOFEX Standards of Excellence. 

The UNOFEX (Union of Excellence) International Film Awards was initiated in 2020 during the global outbreak of the coronavirus in order to support filmmakers worldwide.  Therefore our UNOFEX panel of experts and CEO Deivis H. Valdes decided to hold this year's 2020 edition completely free of charge as a non profit festival. The entire process, from film submission to nomination and the final award ceremony, is handled completely digitally. For this we partnered with the FestHome Film Submission platform as the only provider to handle film submissions digitally.

Our mission within the UNOFEX International Film Awards is to promote excellence in filmmaking, and be a substantial catalyst in the filmmakers' careers. Every half year, our Jury will award the best in film through private screenings, and make a special interview with the winner of the UNOFEX Awards. 

You can submit your film via Festhome. Submissions start is 27 April 2020, Submission Deadline is 20 July 2020.

The UNOFEX Awards is a pro listed Festival on Festhome.


The winner of an UNOFEX Award receives:
1.) the Union of Excellence Award Certificate (printed and as PDF, PNG)

2.) will be listed as an award winner on the UNOFEX website. Section winner.

3.) receives a feature at the "Focus On" page on our platform

4.) invitation to become an accredited UNOFEX member of the Film Industry under our Standards of Excellence

5.) a follow-up interview/ article published on UNOFEX and our partner network

6.) Entitled to use the phrase "Winner of the Union of Excellence 
Awards 2020" and the Award Badge in promotional material and media

All nominations will be announced at the notification date on 31, July 2020.

1.) Nominees are entitled to use the phrase "Nominee of the Union of Excellence International Film Awards" and the Nomination Badge in promotional material and media.

Award Categories

Best Feature Film in more then 5 Categories
Best Short Film

Best Documentary

Best Music Video

Best Director

Best Actor

Best Actress


Entries Open - April 27, 2020

Early Bird Deadline - May 20, 2020

Regular Deadline - June 20, 2020

Extended Deadline - July 20, 2020

Award Nomination Notification Date - July 31, 2020

Award Event Date - August 10, 2020


Awards & Prizes
UNOFEX - Filmmaker Community - Award 202

We say 'thank you' to all participants and are already looking forward to the

UNOFEX International Film Festival 2021.

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