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04/01/2020 by Salome S.


Union of Excellence (UnofEx) launches a next-generation community and platform to support professionals in Film, Entertainment, and Fashion

You’ve heard of BAFTA, you’ve heard of the Emmys, but have you heard of the Union of Excellence? Uniting a diverse range of talented professionals across the entertainment, film, fashion, art, and music industries is an esteemed organization known as the Union of Excellence. The promising organization is already drawing talent from across the world and creating a powerful international network of those key figures at the top of their game, from film directors to entrepreneurs, and attorneys to artists. Talented individuals seeking to embed themselves in a network of likeminded movers and shakers are flocking to the UnofEx to gain the benefits of being part of a community of top achievers. The organization understands the value behind joining powerful people with other powerful people across industries. It’s by creating this super-network of top performers that members are allotted access to the connections and opportunities that are few and far between when left to the normal function of daily work environments where professionals are segregated by industries and status. At UnofEx, talent flows freely, inspiring each member through a varied network of talent and success.

How Does UnofEx work?


The Union of Excellence is an organization that brings together the top of the top in creative industries like fashion, film, music, and art to provide them with the benefits of creating new opportunities through collaboration and recognition for high achievement. Much like BAFTA, the UnofEx hosts unique and powerful events to offer a lifetime of development to its members. These prestigious events help members to connect with other talented individuals from across the world and across industries, promoting collaboration and connection within the community. Events seek to honor professionals and their industries as well, creating an opportunity for members to enjoy the fruits of their labor and further the development of their work and industries at large. 

Members of the Union of Excellence are rewarded with designation; each member is entitled to the use of an accreditation badge to display this sought-after membership with a distinguished badge. Members are also entitled to the various events hosted in each of UnofEx’s locations, events such as parties held in exclusive restaurants, lounges, and hotels as well as an ever-evolving array of VIP events in the film, fashion, art, and theaters worlds. One such party, the quarterly, invitation-only celebration, is held with the highest level performers across industries, giving members the opportunity to network and enjoy themselves in the company of the most talented people of various industries. For those looking to stay at the top of their game, UnofEx’s quarterly events are integral. 


One of the most valuable aspects of what Union of Excellence members are offered comes down to the organization’s core value—we are stronger together rather than apart. The UnofEx works tirelessly to create the optimum network of talented individuals across a variety of industries that can tap into each other’s prowess to build a better project and ultimately, a better world. By gaining access to the UnofEx’s private network of top performers such as business owners, designers, and models, members can gain insiders knowledge on how to grow within their industries. There are some things that are priceless in their vitality to our growth in life—a community of powerful, like-minded achievers is one such priceless quality. By joining the Union of Excellence, members are given access to something the top of the top performers have long known—to win the game, it’s not who you know or what you know, but who you know and what they know. Find out what the biggest names know today and take your career to the next level with a membership from the Union of Excellence.


What Does a Membership Afford You?


Membership applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. If you’re prepared to enter the next phase of your professional life by tapping into a powerful community, a membership with the Union of Excellence provides an array of benefits. First and foremost, each UnofEx member is immediately endowed with the prestige of being part of a community of excellence. Not simply a badge of honor, this designation indicates to others in your field and prospective clients that you are serious and dedicated to the progression of your career. 


A membership also signifies the level of success you’ve already attained that allows you to join this exclusive community of top performers. UnofEx members are showcased within the UnofEx directory alongside other high achievers and industries heavyweights. Being a member of UnofEx communicates your prestige and a solid place in the industry, a PR benefit that the organization amplifies to bring its members even more success and notability. 


For those industries players who know the importance of networking, an organization like the Union of Excellence offers a new and fresh alternative to the older institutions like BAFTA and. With many members of traditional organizations like the Emmys, the Academy, and Business of Fashion turning to the innovative design that the Union of Excellence provides, now is the time to open yourself up to the world stage by joining suit with major figures in a variety of industries around the world.


The UnofEx is the next generation of collaboration between top performers across industries like fashion, film, art, and music. Networking is still work, but with a membership to the Union of Excellence, that work can begin to feel more like the rewards reaped from your dedication to excellence. Join a community that is just as focused on success and growth as you.



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