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Zurich, Switzerland

Supercar Sharing AG

Accredited Corporate Member
Event Partner

Supercar Sharing AG & Supercar Co Ownership, Exclusive Car Club


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Behind the Business of the World most exclusive Car-Sharing® Club and Supercar Investment Platform - Supercar Sharing


Supercar Sharing® is the first co-ownership platform for supercars and the world most exclusive car-sharing club  for people with a special sense of community and a passion for extraordinary cars. Established  in Zurich Switzerland by car enthusiasts, Supercar Sharing belong to the most exciting car companies Europe has to offer.

The platform which trademark is protected in over 30 countries, makes it possible to purchase shares of a vehicle and become a co-owner of one or more exclusive sports cars. The vehicles are used jointly within an exclusive club of people  and all costs are shared fairly among the supercar co-owners.

The aim of Supercar Sharing® is to make the mobility culture more economical, more responsible and more ecological, even in the upscale sector. 

In addition to German sports hybrids from Porsche to British and Italian sports cars from Lamborghini and Ferrari, limited-edition collector's supercars such as Koenigsegg, Pagani and Bugatti are also traded on Supercar Sharing. A maximum of 5-10 people are allowed per vehicle. The minimum age is 28 years, special vehicles have a minimum age of 35 years to participate. 

The acquisition costs of the car are divided among each other and the vehicle shares are notarized. The vehicle is then available for shared use by the co-owners in secure and fully managed car storage. A sophisticated booking system and fair terms of use ensure transparency and a smooth process.

There are also not 10 other sports cars on the streets, but only 1 car for 10 people. With this initiative, Supercar Sharing wants to include sports car owners and those who are considering a new acquisition in their ecological responsibility and thus strengthen the general awareness of a new, increasingly influential driving culture, also in Switzerland.

The Supercar Sharing® team advises and cooperates with exclusive car dealerships throughout Switzerland but also whole Europe and is customer-oriented, dedicated to the automobile dreams of an entire community.

Supercar Sharing® only offers selected vehicles such as Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, McLaren and special AMG models. 3 to a maximum of 10 owners use the vehicle which was financed through their own developed co-ownership system. 


Supercar Sharing AG is also an accredited Corporate Member and Partner of the Union of Excellence (UNOFEX) and are looking forward to a long lasting relation with the aim to create outstanding events with fellow UNOFEX members, offering the supercar sharing opportunity to our patrons and members, and adding new values to our global community. 


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