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for nominees and participants

The UnofEx honorary listing for exceptional achievements is limited to 50 persons each year.

Each UnofEx Honour recipient from the 2 categories  will be presented with the following:

1. a certificate of appreciation and recognition;

2. listing on Union of Excellence websites for 2 consecutive years;

3. invitation to at least 2 media appearances organized by Unofex within the year following the receipt of the honor;

4. a follow-up interview/article published on UnofEx People and honor website; within 6 months of the win;

5. recognition in marketing material for 1 year;

6. automatic inclusion in UnofEx 2018 gala as an honorary award or entertainment presenter;


  1. Gain broader national and international recognition and increased market visibility 

  2. Distinguish your personal brand, your company, and your artistic creation.

  3. Attend the Union of Excellence parties, charities and meet other industry influencers.

  4. Expose your honor persona to the media with UnofEx follow-up interviews with at least 1 media channel, coordinated by UnofEx. (minimum of 2 appearances within the year following the receipt of the award).

  5. Promote your brand and artistry in the marketplace by using the Union of Excellence Honor seal.

  6. Contribute meaningfully to the great cause of growing the appreciation of international artistic talent in the world.

  7. Help to encourage and foster promising young talents through storytelling, mentorship, and communication in a variety of media.

All nominees will be provided with the following:

  1. a certificate of appreciation and recognition,

  2. two (2) advance tickets to the the Union of Excellence Galas and Parities (location and date to be confirmed and will be held a few days before the main honor gala),

  3. one (1) ticket to the main honor show in Paris, Monaco or Beverly Hills


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