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Nikki Beach Versilia Opens In Italy

Nikki Beach has opened its first Italian location this summer with Nikki Beach Versilia. The world-renowned Nikki Beach brand will be bringing its signature all white décor, chic ambiance, globally inspired cuisine, exceptional entertainment and lavish parties to the white sands of Marina di Pietrasanta on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The club will host a White Party for a grand opening this Friday, August 5, with a performance by the one and only Andrea Bocelli.

Nikki Beach Versilia’s 2,740-square-meter property is comprised of a one-of-a-kind swimming pool fashioned entirely from Carrara marble, swim-up bar, shaded open-air restaurant, centrally located octagon-shaped bar, oversized luxury beds around the pool and on the beach, private changing and showering facilities, valet parking, Nikki Beach Lifestyle boutique and VIP terrace with spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

With its close proximity to the world’s best marble quarries, and in partnership with Gualiterio Vanelli, who hails from one of the most important families in the Carrara marble industry for over 350 years, Nikki Beach Versilia is a gorgeous representation of the different and incredible ways in which marble can be crafted. The pool, which was designed by Vanelli and Nikki Beach owner Jack Penrod, is the first of its kind in the world and has a value of 500,000 euros. Other marble elements include a double-curved marble entranceway, carved from the same block that was used to make a life-size sculpture of the grisly bear featured in the movie, “The Revenant.”

During the construction of the pool and entranceway, the dust collected in the cutting process of the marble was gathered and recycled to be used throughout the season. Utilizing new technology to create micro-sculptures of our guests, these highly personalized creations will emerge as smaller-sized marble replicas, which will be sold on site.

Guests can expect one of the world’s top entertainment, including an in-house saxophonist, electronic violinist, percussionist and dancers, as well as resident DJs.

Maybe we'll meet us there next time!

Nikki Beach Versilia Union of Excellence
Nikki Beach Versilia Union of Excellence
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