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By Union of Excellence, Oct 11, 2023

Nida Manzoor

Screenwriter & Director

Film Industry, British

Nida Manzoor - Director
Nida Manzoor - Director

Unveiling Nida Manzoor's Inspirational Path to Filmmaking Success

Nida Manzoor is a notable British writer and director recognized for her remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry. Her most notable achievement is the creation of the Peacock/Channel 4 comedy show, "We Are Lady Parts," a series that earned her the prestigious 2021 Rose d'Or Emerging Talent Award.

In addition to her work on "We Are Lady Parts," she has also directed two episodes of the beloved series, "Doctor Who." Her directorial work showcases her talent and versatility in the field.

Nida Manzoor expanded her creative horizons by releasing her debut feature film, "Polite Society," in 2023. This film garnered positive reviews from critics, further solidifying her reputation as a talented filmmaker in the industry. Nida's work continues to captivate and engage audiences, making her a significant figure in the world of entertainment.

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Nida Manzoor, hailing from a Pakistani Muslim family, spent her formative years in Singapore before relocating to London at the age of 10. She attended St James School and was introduced to music, her lifelong passion, when she received her first guitar from her father at the age of 8.


Music was her initial calling, and she once expressed her ambition to be a "brown girl Bob Dylan" before venturing into screenwriting. She also began writing at a young age, inspired by her grandfather, who preserved her early works. Her eclectic childhood influences encompassed Jackie Chan films, the Coen Brothers, Edgar Wright, and classic Hollywood cinema.

Manzoor earned a degree in Politics from University College London (UCL) in 2011, and during her time at UCL, she was actively involved in the Film Society. Despite her family's initial expectations for her to pursue a Law conversion course and become a human rights lawyer, she successfully convinced them to support her path in filmmaking.



Nida Manzoor's dynamic career in the film and television industry has been a journey of creativity, dedication, and remarkable achievements. She commenced her career as a runner in the bustling hub of Soho, where her early exposure to the inner workings of the industry fueled her passion for storytelling.

Transitioning to screenwriting, Manzoor made her mark by contributing to popular shows, including "Dixi" and "Jamillah and Aladdin," showcasing her knack for crafting engaging narratives. Her talent for weaving captivating tales began to shine through.

In 2018, Nida Manzoor ventured into directing, making her directorial debut with the first series of "Enterprice." It was a significant step in her career, hinting at the promising path ahead.

However, it was her creation of the pilot episode for "We Are Lady Parts" that truly solidified her presence in the industry. This project, for which she both wrote and directed, marked a turning point. It was a bold endeavor, filled with the promise of unique storytelling and compelling characters.

While the pilot episode of "Lady Parts" faced substantial backlash, Nida Manzoor's resilience and determination shone through. She pressed forward, ultimately turning the concept into a full-fledged series in 2021. In this capacity, she took on the roles of writer, director, and executive producer, breathing life into a series that was, to some extent, autobiographical in nature.

Her influences span a wide spectrum, drawing from sources like "This is Spinal Tap" and "The Young Ones." Her ability to blend various influences into her work is a testament to her creativity.

Notably, Manzoor co-wrote the music for "We Are Lady Parts" alongside her siblings and brother-in-law. The show's music, a harmonious reflection of her creative vision, was released as a soundtrack album.

In 2020, Nida Manzoor took on the challenge of directing two episodes of the beloved series "Doctor Who." Her involvement in such an iconic franchise was a testament to her growing reputation in the industry.


Aside from these milestones, Nida Manzoor was named among Broadcast Magazine's Hot Shots in 2015, recognized for her short film "7.2." Her work on "Enterprice" earned her the best Director in Comedy Drama/Situation Comedy award from the Royal Television Society Craft & Design Awards in 2019.

In 2021, Manzoor's talents were acknowledged with the prestigious 2021 Rose d'Or Emerging Talent Award for her remarkable work on "Lady Parts." This award celebrated her emerging status as a creative force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

Nida Manzoor's journey in the world of film and television is a testament to her multifaceted talents, resilience in the face of challenges, and a profound passion for storytelling. Her creative vision continues to inspire and captivate audiences, making her a rising star in the realm of cinematic and television excellence.




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