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Los Angeles, CA


Beaudry International LLC.


Fine Jewelry



Beaudry designs and manufactures the world’s finest jewelry. Each piece is handcrafted in Beaudry’s state of the art workshop, utilizing old-world techniques and featuring timeless design elements. Only the finest diamonds in the world are selected and used in the collection. In fact, each diamond must undergo rigorous inspection and meet the Beaudry 24 Point Standard of Perfection©.

The 24 Point Standard of Perfection© was first developed by Raymond Beaudry, a Master Diamond Cutter and Michael Beaudry’s uncle. It was later perfected by Michael after years of experience as a Master Diamond Cutter. While the particulars of the 24 Point standard remain a closely guarded trade secret, attributes such as color accuracy and color face-up value are carefully regarded before the acquisition of any Beaudry diamond. Due to such stringent measures, only 5 diamonds out of every 1,000 will be included in the Beaudry collection. This includes even the smaller, melee stones featured around every center stone.

Every piece of Beaudry Couture jewelry is handcrafted, one at a time, and no two pieces are alike. Each setting is comprised of only the finest precious metals, platinum with occasional accents in yellow and rose gold. The finely cut gemstones and precious metals are enhanced by design techniques that have become emblematic of Beaudry jewelry. Delicate filigree and hand-engraving are omnipresent. No other jewelry manufacturer in the world prepares their work with the same exacting standards of design and craftsmanship. The result is a collection unmatched in quality, value and style.

As a prolific artist, Michael has spent virtually his entire lifetime designing and creating from a very young age. In addition to jewelry, Michael has designed and built high end custom homes and furnishings. His home décor collection, Beaudry Maison is exemplified at the Beaudry flagship located at the Montage Beverly Hills and is coined as “jewelry for the home.”

In addition, Michael and Laura Beaudry have collaborated to create a fashion jewelry collection which features semi precious gemstones, black, Cognac and champagne and fine white diamonds set into 18k gold, silver and titanium. Combining Laura’s experience in luxury goods and clothing design and Michael’s extensive knowledge of manufacturing jewelry the “Corinth” collection has been a natural addition to the Beaudry Brand.

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