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Union of Excellence Rules

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your interest to become a member of the Union of Excellence. Please find below the rules for applying for membership

Please note that we only review applications twice a week (Each Tuesday and Friday).

In order to qualify for membership, you must:


have a residence in a country of the European Union or Switzerland. From the USA we accept membership application from all States.



Be sponsored by one active member or be invited by the Founding Members or Committee of the Union of Excellence.



If you wish to become a member of the Union of Excellence without sponsor, you can fill in the membership form on the website to request a membership invitation:



We can only review membership applications from professionals in the entertainment, fashion, luxury and culture industry. 

To review your membership application, a link to the company presentation, press release, biography or management profile is necessary. We can not review profiles without a portrait image.

The requirements and benefits for each category can be found by here:

Film Industry

Requirements and Benefits for professionals in the film industry

Fashion Industry

Requirements and Benefits for professionals in the fashion industry

The Membership Invitation

Your application will be given due consideration. The Union of Excellence Membership Department will first review your application to determine whether it meets all criteria. All valid applications will be presented to the full membership of the UnofEx Committee for final approval and invitation to membership.

Should you have any questions, or need any additional information, please contact our office by email

Download Application Rules 2019

(please read first)

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