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By Union of Excellence, July 25, 2020


Jibin George


Artist/ Founder


Art Industry


Accredited under the UNOFEX Standards of Excellence 

UNOFEX profile - Jibin George bw.jpg
UNOFEX profile - Jibin George bw.jpg


Jibin George (UNOFEX Member) is an innovative artist and founder of Art For Good Cause. His artworks focus on painting the social issues and bringing awareness of society through his art. They have a story to tell and reflect the artist’s deep interest in serious topics relevant to people across the world. His artworks appeal to us aesthetically as well as intellectually.

For UNOFEX, it's a pleasure to feature his work and vision in this interview with our community, artists and art enthusiasts alike will enjoy viewing his art and reading his answers.

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© Jibin George

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What’s your background?


I am a self-taught artist from Kerala, India, who now lives in Texas, USA. My journey in art started in 2011. Since childhood, I had done many artworks but, when I began working with L&T Infotech as an IT professional is when it takes off my significant stream.


One of my major achievements has been to organize many events within the organization and participate in a couple of workshops and live art events. In 2013, I participated as an artist in the Anti-Tobacco campaign organized by MACT in Chennai, India.


I have created many artworks in India, among the most important are:


  • 14 paintings in L&T Infotech

  • One big painting in Rasavid, a Mughal Traditional restaurant.


In 2015 I traveled to the US and continued to be in art through exhibitions and events.


I introduced a new platform called with one goal in mind to make people aware of different issues through art.


With the support of ArtImpactInternational, I organized two international art contests on crucial topics such as Protect Kids From Tobacco and Global Warming.


I had the pleasure to published my second book, Let Us Learn Figure Drawing in 2020.


Why art?


Art is the perfect way to communicate and provides the opportunity to bring awareness for critical issues such as global warming, tobacco use, and other social problems. Art can integrate the mind, body, and spirit. 


We have a significant responsibility towards other human beings and this planet. And I can find a better way to address different concerns than through art. Art is so powerful that it can speak a thousand words that we said to convey to the rest of the world.


What does your work aim to say?


Most of my artworks focus on painting the social issues and bringing awareness of society through my art. My inspiration usually is based on specific topics relevant to people across the world. As an artist, I enjoy capturing the expression of humans or animals through their portraits.


Who are your biggest influences?


I come from a small state in India called Kerala, the birthplace of Raja Ravi Varma. Raja Ravi Varma is considered one of the most influential artists in India. You can clearly see in his artworks a combination of European techniques with Indian culture. During my childhood, his paintings inspired me a lot.


When I began my passion for art, in 2011, I started learning about the world’s greatest artists and their techniques, including Salvador Dali, Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, and more.


How has your practice change over time?


Since the beginning, my goal has been to spend more effort and time to improve my art skills. I learned about the ‘isms’ in modern art and practiced all mediums from graphite to oil.


My most significant change was that I was initially focused on commercial art, and now I want to “create art for the society.”


Mother Teresa, who devoted her life to caring for the sick and needy in India, made me think, “Why can’t I create art as a medium to create social awareness?”  This leads me to develop, where artists around the world can express their message to everyone.


What work do you most enjoying doing?


For me, art is mediation is the instrument I use to control my emotions, forget problems, and think about nature and humanity.


If you ask about the specific type of art, I would say capturing the expressions through portraits.


What memorable responses have you had to your work?


My most memorable response is to see the surprise expression when people look at their portraits.


What’s the most valuable piece of art to you?

Like “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder,” art cannot be judged or evaluated. For me, fine art is the one that transmits the state of mind of the person who painted it. A good painting must communicate the painter’s experiences, feelings, and thoughts; it doesn’t matter if it is represented in a real or abstract manner.


What’s your favourite art work?


Living in the United States has allowed me to visit maximum art galleries, helping me understand culture across the world. But if I have to choose one beloved artwork, it would be the Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?


“Never mix art and money,” which was given by one of my friends.


Professionally, what’s your goal?


The Art For Good Cause initiative was developed to use creativity and art across the world to create social impact. My main goal is to motivate emerging artists and showcase their talents so that they find global recognition. And, of course, to improve my artistic skills.




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