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By Union of Excellence, Aug 12, 2020


Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe


International Model


Fashion Industry

Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe - UNOFEX.jpg
Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe - UNOFEX.jpg


In this UNOFEX interview, the Swedish model Jasmine Sidibe (Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe) tells us about her greatest strength and weakness, her inspiring work as a model and how the outbreak has impacted the modeling industry. 


Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?

I think nearly every girl have had the dream of becoming a model. When I was younger my friend told me that I was tall and I had a different look and it could be good for modeling. I tried it out and I really liked to work with cameras. For me it was also a way to travel and to learn about the world as well. I have always loved traveling and to discover new places and cultures. I am very grateful for each experience. My interest for creative art and beauty made me appreciate the industry even more.



What is your greatest strength, as a model?

I think that I can do a little bit of everything. I have done fashion shows, commercials, shootings and also music videos. Commercials is my number one favorite.  I have also done some acting roles. I experienced that it is great if you have some talents. I do swim, horse ride, scuba dive, sing, dance, bicycle and more - this is a strength.



What is your greatest weakness, as a model and what are you doing to improve on it?

I really love what I do so sometimes I find it hard to say no when a really exciting project is coming up. It is really hard for me to say no to something that I want to do, just because I have to be in another place, or I am already working on something else. I am practicing on saying no and also to accept that some things are meant for me and some it not. With a positive mindset it is easier.

Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe _ Model _ UNOFEX.

Tell me about your greatest experience as a model.

Moving to Cape Town, South Africa was a great accomplishment in my career. A lot of models aim to go there because of the beautiful locations and work possibilities you get there. It is a great international commercial market. The lifestyle is beautiful. I have been there 5 times and it has been some of the most memorable moments in my life. I also really enjoyed going to Bali. Bali is something special. The food, the people and lifestyle is beautiful. I might go back there in the near future. I find so much inspiration there for my creative arts.



Tell me about your most difficult photo shoot.

The most difficult photoshoot was when I did an underwater shoot on an Island in Malaysia. I had to push myself under the water with a floating gown - it was hard to stay under water, hold your breath and try to look good on a picture while doing so, haha. But I really enjoyed it. It is fun to get a new challenge. They actually came out good - so I did well. I have also shoot with a big tarantella spider placed on my face - that was very scary, I tried to act super cool - but inside - my heart stopped for a little bit.



Let's discuss the current situation. Are you able to travel and how does the outbreak of Covid-19 affect your career?

I think modeling never stops. With today’s technology and social media - it has changed the whole industry. As a model you can also be an influencer and work from anywhere - you can get job offers online today.  The current situation made me realize that you don't have to travel as much if you are inventive. The outbreak made me postpone some plans. This time also gave me some time to recharge, rethink and make a reset. I will wait with longer trips until the Covid-19 situation is more globally stable.

Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe - On UNOFEX.jpg
Jasmine Sjöberg Sidibe - Model _ UNOFEX.

Would you consider yourself a creative person?

Yes very! I am a super creative spirit. I am that kind of person who pop up new ideas every day. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I have to write something down - I try to pursue most of my ideas and constantly work on them. I do write, sing, cook and photograph a lot.



How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?

For me, being uncomfortable doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a bad situation. It can be uncomfortable to workout sometimes. It can be uncomfortable to wake up 4 AM. But if it is for my good - then I just do it. I might cry a little on the way, haha.  If the situation is uncomfortable but also possibly dangerous - then I try to stay calm, breath, be assertive and aware and just try to sort it in the best possible way I can come up with.


When entering a new modeling gig, describe how you build relationships with the creative team or your fellow models.

I just say hi, hello, how are you? Smile and talk with the ones who are social and openminded. I am just myself.


How do you handle a situation where a photographer does not properly direct you?

I appreciate when the photographer let me be free, let me express myself and trust me. So, I prefer to not be directed - but I can be directed as well.


Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?



How do you deal with pressure?

I learnt that too much pressure under a long time is never good. It is important to find a good balance. You have to choose sometimes even if it means saying no to something else. I do meditate and sometimes I take a holiday. Some say diamonds are made under pressure - so pressure is needed for any results. I do believe balance is the key.


Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?

Tyra Banks was my first role model. Then it was all the Victoria Secret models. I like Ashley Graham as well - she is lovely. There is so many inspirational models out there and this is how it should be - diversity is something positive. I believe that all ages, all body types and skin tones comes in beauty. We all need someone we can relate to. This is what I like with social media - it has given more people an opportunity. It opened many doors for me.


What are your goals as a model?

My goal was to travel as much as possible and I feel I have accomplished a lot of that. I want to share more from my journey in different ways and give back in different ways.  I get a lot of messages online from all over the world from people who ask for advice.

I have some upcoming plans - so follow me on my Instagram channel @jasminesidibe for latest updates.


What advice do you have for newcomers?

Promote yourself. Believe in yourself. Your dreams are possible. You can do it. Stay positive. Do what you love - always - whatever it is you want to do or be. Take care of yourself on the way. True success is to be happy. Enjoy your journey. Wishing you only the best…


IG: @jasminesidibe




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