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Director and Publisher



Luxury News Online Limited / JWP Media Group


Born in England, James was privately educated and is a specialist in marketing law in life insurance in the City of London, and also an entrepreneur, as the owner and founder of Luxury News Online Limited, a publishing business which has grown in just two years with over 1/4 million social media followers, a popular luxury news website and a published luxury lifestyle magazine Luxury Life International. 


James has over 20 years experience in publishing and is fast becoming a well known figure in the UK and the French Riviera. Hugely ambitious and driven, James' portfolio is always growing and he is a media partner of several international events, including Top Marques Monaco. Luxury Life International magazine covers super yachts, super cars, modelling, fashion, luxury hotels, health, fitness and travel with writers in New York, Monaco and London. 


James lives a 'James Bond lifestyle' and travels often to Monaco to gala events and works with some of the biggest brands in the world. His passion is driving his business forward, travelling and meeting new people who can bring awesome positivity to his life. 

Union of Excellence - James William Phillips


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