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Networking as a Film Professional in 202

01/03/2021 by UNOFEX Editor

How To Improve Networking As A Film Professional In 2021

Networking is one of the necessary skills to have for everyone working in the film industry. While working in a line where it is all about who you know, networking skills connect with people that can positively influence your career. Networking allows you to meet the leaders and your peers who can help you in moving forward in your film career. It will also expand your social network and open a new door in terms of opportunities. Freelance work is prevalent in the entertainment business where these connections can turn out to be vital to get a new job. Here are some tips to improve networking as a film professional in 2021.

1. Develop the elevator pitch


Before attending your first networking event (digitally or physically), you have to prepare. Although the networking events are like job interviews in the sense that they are pretty formal, you need to showcase your skills to people in the hope of making a permanent connection. Ensure that you are ready with icebreaking questions and business cards when you connect with new people and have an elevator pitch ready for the project you are currently working on. This pitch has to be persuasive and short and must be capable of drumming up interest in the project. It should offer a glimpse of the project without hogging the conversation.

2. Expand the peer group

Networking is all about making new connections among a range of different people and not just those sitting in powerful positions. You may try to network with aspiring actors, filmmakers, writers, or editors. While doing networking, try to make connections that you can share with other professionals away from the entertainment industry. Developing a friendship during the networking process will have a positive impact on your professional and personal growth.

UnofEx Event  Monaco Photo by Valeria Ma

UNOFEX Members Event in Monaco

3. Attend all the related events


People that are successful at creating a network attend all the networking events. Even those who are already established in the business keep on networking with peers, always trying to meet newer people and keeping themselves available for newer connections. You can also check the social media postings or other entertainment websites to check out if any film-related event is taking place near your residence. You can also sign up for advance movie screenings especially those where the cast and the crew are attending. These kinds of events attract industry aspirants and professionals alike. As you are waiting in line for the screening, talk to the people around you and hang out after the movie near the lobby or the bar to check out the possibility of new connections.


4. Listen carefully


Although it may be tempting to run off a list of things you are concentrating on and about your experience in the line at an event, you also need to listen to what others in the conversation have to say. Proactive listening shows to this person that you value their time, and this can lead to him or her revealing some common interests that can help you build a professional relationship with them. You must be aware of how to use active listening for improving communication skills.


Joining a professional network has many advantages. On the one hand, you are at the source where a community of interests comes together digitally or physically. On the other hand, you get immediate access and contact to key people from the film industry who can have a positive effect on your career by working together.

If you want to join a local community, you can find out more from your local community whether there are interest groups for filmmakers in your area. From an international perspective, there are large and influential organizations such as The Academy, BAFTA or UNOFEX Organization, which allow you to join a powerful community upon invitation or application.


Networking is a process of developing relationships and looking for support from potential colleagues, peers, and other significant figures in the industry. But if you find that the whole process of networking within the film industry to be daunting, you can get professional help from UNOFEX to boost your network and increase the chances of getting hired. 



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