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Helicopter Dining Experience in French Riviera

Dining at a Michelin star restaurant is an event in itself. But traveling there by helicopter from your luxurious hotel or afteryour laps on real Formula one car brings a whole new dimension to the experience. With Azur Helicoptere from Cannes, you can book a helicopter and make this a reality. With a large selection of fine dining destinations, Azur Helicoptere can help you enjoy French Riviera‘s top luxury restaurants by helicopter!

To surprise an important client, give the family an adventure, or have a special romantic getaway, heli dining is a sure bet. For an unforgettable evening, and just a 10 minutes helicopter flight from Cannes, we suggest going to the Chateau on theSaint Martin domain. The two Michelin star restaurant of Chef Jean Luc Lefrançois at Le Saint Martin combined with the stunning Chateau is as luxurious as it gets. To experience the French Riviera high society, this is your destination. Chef Jean Luc Lefrançois‘s cuisine is light, simple, precise and creative. With local ingredients, authentic recipes, and beautiful presented dishes, you and your guests will dine in delight.

The five-star Castellet hotel has another two star Michelin star restaurant. This time a 35 minutes helicopter flight fromCannes, is Chef Christophe Bacquié‘s restaurant. Being one of French Riviera‘s top luxury restaurants, you will enjoy a cuisine that is audacious, bursting with flavor and homey.  With ingredients from the land and sea, Christophe Bacquié‘s dishes or as delicious as unique. A fine-dining establishment that urges privacy and calm, and just a 30 minutes helicopter flight, this is a luxury romantic gesture you will not forget!

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