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Monaco Grand Prix Experience

Monte Carlo F1 2018 with Union of Excellence

It’s that time of year again in the French Riviera, where celebrities, supermodels, luxury yachts, and Formula 1 racing influencers gather to enjoy the Monaco Grand Prix.  Starting off on May 24th with practice laps, and finishing off with race day on May 27th, don’t miss this unique annual event.

The Monaco Grand Prix takes places over four days, with practice runs on Thursday May 24th, Support races on Friday May 25th, qualifying runs on Saturday May 26th and the main race on Sunday May 27th.

Monaco comes alive during the Grand Prix, and not just because of the adrenaline-fueled races.  It becomes the only destination on the French Riviera for big club parties, luxury yacht parties, grand charity events, and prestigious fashion shows. 

Let’s bring it back to Formula 1, which is still the main reason the Grand Prix comes to Monaco. Where will you be to witness this legendary race? There are many viewing options, all more luxurious and prestigious than the other. Here is our selection.

Our most luxurious choice is the luxury Yacht Charter option. View the thrill-inducing races from your own private yacht in port or at anchor. If you want to experience this special event with a like-minded communit, join our annual F1 Trackside Yacht Party with Union of Excellence. 

For the more daring and elite patron, make your way to Grand Prix Events where you will find the most luxurious packages offered for the Monaco Grand Prix. Become one of the few that get to enter the prestigious Paddock Yacht Club. 

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