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Chateau de la Chevre d'Or is a member of Relais Chateaux, a luxury hotel located in Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, France. The Chevre d'Or also boasts a Michelin starred restaurant.

Style: Uniquely decorated in a Louis XIII style


Overlooking France's stunning Cote d'Azur in the lofty medieval hilltop village of Eze, just 30 minutes drive east from Nice and 15 minutes west of Monte Carlo, this luxurious Chateau provides a perfect destination for luxury travelers and lifestyle aficionado.  The hotel is entwined in the walls of Eze, a medieval village on a mountainside. 

the panoramic suite which features its own infinity pool, the Chevre d'Or exudes glamour. The hotel is famed for its 2 Michelin star restaurant, which over the years has hosted many a famous face, as has the hotel bar, which is decked out in a medieval style, to reflect the surrounding village.

Chateau de la chevre d'or -Union of Excellence -

The 37 rooms and suites of the Château de la Chèvre d’Or are spread out over half of the village of Eze. The rooms, grouped into 3 categories, are all different but with the same comforts and warm atmosphere. Each of the 6 suites is named after a famous artist who stayed in Eze, and each one is decorated based on the personality of the artist whose name it bears. There are suites dedicated to Nietzsche, Barlow, Luis Navarro and Cocteau. The latter’s drawings are reproduced on the mosaic floor of the Cocteau suite.

The Presidential Suite

The Presidential Suite pitomizes luxury and sophistication. It is a dream in gold, beige and turquoise. The water of its private infinity pool, its private terrace facing the Mediterranean sea and shaded garden melt against the blue of the horizon and the sea.

Visit La Chèvre D'or 

Union of Excellence - Chateau De La Chevre D'Or Presidential Suit
Union of Excellence - Chateau De La Chevre D'or .jpg
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